How long does it take for one session of Shiatsu treatment?

How much does it cost for Shiatsu treatment”©

How many times or how often should I come for Shiatsu treatment?

Will you tell me the process of the condition to get well in Shiatsu therapy?

Can you treat difficult diseases such as a cancer in Shiatsu therapy?

Will you advise me how to find a good Shiatsu therapist?

Is there anything patients should know to receive Shiatsu treatment ?

How come does Shiatsu become a cure for many diseases”©

Now, I 've been visiting another doctor of Western Medicine. Are there any troubles if I take both Shiatsu treatment and other kinds of therapies together?

Is Shiatsu treatment effective for other difficulties besides stiffness in the shoulder?

What kinds of diseases you cannot treat in Shiatsu therapy?

I feel my strength is gone after Shiatsu session. Why?

Does Shiatsu produce ill effects?

After I received a Shiatsu session, I feel more stiffness in my body. How come?

Is Shiatsu treatment painful a lot?

Don't you make any adjustments for bones and joints in Shiatsu therapy such as in Chiropractic?

I hear Shiatsu can produce effects for beauty care. Is it true?

Will you introduce me a clinic which I can receive Zen Shiatsu treatment in my area?

Can a short-time session of Shiatsu treatment like a "Quick Massage" produce a result?

Do you need any qualifications to become a professional Shiatsu therapist?

What is the youngest age when we start to receive Shiatsu session?

What is the best time in a day to receive Shiatsu treatment?

I have heavy stiffness in the shoulder, so I like to receive a concentrating treatment in the shoulder area. Doesn't it make sense?

Is it possible for me to loose some weight if I do Shiatsu on special "Tsubo" (Acupoints) which are said to be effective for weight reducing?

What kind of good results we can expect by doing the Meridian Exercises?

Will you advise me how to select a good Shiatsu clinic?

When can we expect to see the effects by this session of Shiatsu treatment?

There seem to be many different ways of Shiatsu treatment depends on practitioners. How come?

Can I go and visit a Shiatsu clinic to have a session without making an appointment?

What kind of wear should we put on to receive a Shiatsu session?

Can I use my health insurances for Shiatsu treatment?

Can I receive tax benefits by having Medical Care deduction with receiving Shiatsu treatments?

What is a distinctive feature of "Zen Shiatsu"?

What kinds of diseases are in your line of Zen Shiatsu therapy?

Can you treat patients of mental illness by Zen Shiatsu therapy?