What is the youngest age when we start to receive Shiatsu session?

There is no limitation of ages of the youngest and the oldest. People of any ages can have Shiatsu treatment. Many Japanese people take it for granted that old people take Shiatsu treatment, however, young people in their twenties or even teenagers come and visit us for Shiatsu session and the number of the young patients has been increased in these years. There are some cases to give Shiatsu treatment for small children like a kindergartner. Lately the number of the children who are suffered from atopy and allergies has been increased remarkablly. Students of high school ages have severe stiffness in the shoulder and the back pains caused by strong stress from too many works for preparing for examinations. Also, because of the development of technology, modern children have many symptoms caused by tired and dried eyes. Playing T.V. games and computers for a long time affects upon their body conditions. So there are many children coming and visiting for Shiatsu treatment. For the first time, they come together with their parents, but they come alone when they get to used to having a Shiatsu treatment.

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