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What is the difference bet-
ween Zen Shiatsu Therapy and other kinds of Shiatsu therapies ? Let us show you what constructs and forms Zen Shiatsu.
Let's learn Zen Shiatsu. We will show you how to learn it properly and the key points to master it. To the point learn-
ing is important to master the technical skills.
Common questions about treatment of Zen Shiatsu therapy from our patients and the answers. Please check this box before you take a Shiatsu treatment. What is Zen Shiatsu Associa-
tion? What is it for?
Please know the purpose of Z.S.A. and you can see what kinds of activities we have done since its establishment, 1987.

Zen Shiatsu therapy is based on Oriental Medicine. The impor-
tant skill is Kyo & Jitsu and Ho & Sya. Here we will show you how we apply the theories in practical for clinical treatment.
Do you know the flow of each Meridian channel? Please see our try of drowing a 3D Meridian chart. Then you can see how each Meridian channel runs on the body more virtually. In this box, you can hear the real voice of late Master Masunaga. This is a record of his lecture about how to catch "Kyo and Jitsu", which is very an article of value now. Some records with pictures of our schooling activities can be seen here. You can see our seminars and workshops which we have done in Japan and foreign countries.

In Zen Shiatsu, therapist should apply treatment with "Ho & Sya" techniques along "Kyo & Jitsu" diagnosis. You can see the process of its treatment with a clinical example. Introduction of basic Meridian Exercises. They are easy to do, which we recommend our pa-
tients to do the exercises at home as a subtherapy for Zen Shiatsu treatment.
You can read clinical reports written by Nobyuki Fujisaki, which were published on "Idoh no Nippon", a Japanese maga-
zine of Oriental Medicine, acu-
puncture and moxibustion.
Oiginal Text Books, 3D Meridian chart, Videos and etc. on Zen Shiatsu Therapy are available by mail order shopping. Check and find materials which help your learning.

ZenShiatsu seminar for handicapped person by the sense of vision:tThe National Rehabilitation Center in Saitama ken asked the lecture of Shiatsu seminar to us. The theme was "Shiatsu and technostress syndrome". About 100 presons of attendance living and graduate attended and they enthusiastically wrestled in the skill of Zen Shiatsu.

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