The purpose of ZSA

We started the Zen Shiatsu Association (Z.S.A.) in 1987 to promote this Shiatsu therapy. Through the association, we would like many people to know and learn the mind and the techniques of Zen Shiatsu Therapy. It is our sincere hope that we can share the benefits of Zen Shiatsu with other people as many as possible.

To become a professional therapist of Zen Shiatsu, you must get the lisence, moreover, it takes a thorough training and much practice to become an expert, of course. However, if you give a treatment to your fmily or friends as "TEATE", original "healing hands", you can do Shiatsu at home as a family care only with your warm heart and some basic techniques.

You can get great preasure and delight by mastering and practicing Zen Shiatsu. Firstly, the human relations between you and others will turn for the better remarkably, which we can prove positively after many years of experiences. Touch by Shiatsu treatment opens the door of the heart which is usually closed to the outer world, and then it gives rise to communicate with each other from heart to heart. Moreover, when you get to understand and feel "Meridian Channels", you can recognize signals that the partner emanates unconsiously, and can also read his/her thoughts. Even if our skin colors are different or we speak different languages, we can communicate with one another through our hearts. You will feel that acutually through Zen Shiatsu as a way of communications.

We look into ourselves in the relationship with others by touching through Zen Shiatsu, and feel and learn actualy that we can do something for others. Not only taking but you can also give something what makes others happier. The others' happiness reflects to your pleasure, which makes you maturer and have more self-confidence.

The gate to the Zen Shiatsu world is open wide to anybody. Everyone will become accustomed to Zen Shiatsu because it is simple and easy to learn outwardly. However, the back of it is really deep, and there is never ending if you look below the surface of the study. That is why it is very challenging. In the background, there is wisdom of the Orient which has been inherited for thousands of years. The Oriental philosophy teaches us not to fight with Nature, because we human beings are also a part of Nature. We learn what ourselves should be by observing Nature becoming one with Nature, and living in harmony with it.

We would like to impart the mind of "Teate," which is the essential part of the Zen Shiatsu, from hand to hand teaching the techniques. By looking at our relationships with others by touching with Zen Shiatsu, we feel and learn that we can do something for others. Not only can we benefit, we can also give something that makes others happier. Their happiness reflects our pleasure, which makes us more mature and self-confident.

"Rich men are not those who have much, but those who give much."
We do most health methods by ourselves, but we cannot do Shiatsu alone. We need partners to give or receive the treatment. This method for better health not only benefits yourself, but also your partner, making you both healthier and happier while taking care of each other. Since the human relationship is based on "supporting each other," Shiatsu is the best health method for human beings.

We would like you to understand our purpose and are looking forward to seeing you in our activities.

Activities of ZSA

We have established Zen Shiatsu Association in Kokubunji of Tokyo, Japan in 1987, after 6 years since Master Shizuto Masunaga ( the founder of Zen Shiatsu) passed away. Our main activities are teaching and promoting of Zen Shiatsu. We have had classes and seminars for professional therapists and have opened workshops for laymen since the beginning. We have contributed reports and issues about Zen Shiatsu to some magazines for promotion. Also we open Zen Shiatsu speciality clinic to do sessions and write clinical reports and have stored clinical data by Zen Shiatsu Therapy. Besides these, what we have been doing are On-line Counseling and publishing our original books and other prints, and making our original teaching materials such as videos and tapes.

In the beginning, we have opened seminars regularly for professional therapists in Tokyo area. Since the next year, we have had same kinds of seminars in the largest towns such as Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo. At the same time, we have started to write reports about Zen Shiatsu Therapy on the "Idoh-no-Nippon", the special magazine for professional therapists of Oriental Medicine in Japan. Since then, we have got many requests of seminars and workshops of Zen Shiatsu from the organizations of professional therepists and the training schools of professional therapists in various areas. Also, we have opened classes and workshops for foreigners in Japan to introduce Zen Shiatsu, and have made advanced classes for foreign students who wanted to learn more difficult skills and knowledges to become professional therapists in the future. The followings show the chronological table of our activities.

The year of
1987 Established Zen Shiatsu Association. Started promoting by seminars and regular classes in Tokyo.
1989 Had seminars in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Sapporo for the first time.
1990 Began to support groups of Zen Shiatsu study in each local area.
1991 Published the first original book "Introduction to Zen Shiatsu Therapy for Professional Therapists".
1992 Completed the all manuals and visual materials of the correspondence course; 24 volumes in total, contented by 3 sections, "Basic Techniques of Zen Shiatsu", " Theories of Shiatsu Therapy", and "Clinical Techniques of Zen Shiatsu", which made it possible to give special professional training of Zen Shiatsu to Shiatsu therapists in all over Japan.
1995 Started classes for laymen regularly to promote Zen Shiatsu. Publised original text booksone after anothe; "The Basic Techniques of Total Body Shiatsu Treatment", "The Meridian Exercises", "How to See and Treat the Symptoms", "Zen Shiatsu Therapy which Cures the Diseases", "The Special Techniques of Zen Shiatsu for the each Symptom-37 Clinical Examples".
1997 Had the first training camp seminar in Kyoto cooperated by our local members of therapists. Since then, have opened a society for the study of Zen Shiatsu regularly in Kyoto-Osaka area.
1998 Opened Web Site in Japanese. Keep on giving information about Zen Shiatsu through Internet. Communications with Shiatsu schools and organizations in foreign countries have been incresed since then.
2000 Visited North America to see the circumstances of Shiatsu in the U.S.A. and Canada. Demonstrated Zen Shiatsu in three cities and were well received by the people.