Now, I 've been visiting another doctor of Western Medicine. Are there any troubles if I take both Shiatsu treatment and other kinds of therapies together?

Yes, it's all right. You can take both Shiatsu therapy and Western Medicine together. For the cares of Western Medicine are "Medical Treatment", on the other hand , Shiatsu therapy is a "Heal Care for Recuperation". Like I told you on the answer of the reason why Shiatsu can cure diseases, Shiatsu is a therapy which adjusts the body conditions and builds up the patients' natural healing power to fight against diseases. Even if your doctor of Wester Medicine supplies good medicine for you, the medicine will not work very much when your natural healing power get down weakly in mental and in physical. Then you had better take Shiatsu treatment and have a good health conditioning for recuperation, and you can expect to lead the best of effectiveness of the medicine you are taking. Also, we recommend you to take Shiatsu treatment if you plan to take a surgical operation. If you have body conditioning and increase the power of resistance by Shiatsu treatment before the operation, your health will be progressing favorably. Moreover, if you keep to take Shiatsu treatment after the opration, which helps you a lot to be convalescing satisfactorily for your sooner recovery.

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