What kind of wear should we put on to receive a Shiatsu session?

In Shiatsu therapy, you don't have to be naked like in Massage therapy. Usually you have to wear some loosen clothes made of soft materials when you have a Shiatsu treatment. At such a salon of quick massage and short-time Shiatsu, you don't change your clothes and receive a treatment on a massage chair. However, many Shiatsu clinics whose session takes more than 30 minutes prepare some kinds of treatment wears for their patients. Patients need to change their clothes to the treatment wear of the clinic. Some patients don't like to put on the clothes which are shared with other patients, and they bring their own pajamas and sweat suits. If you don't want to change your clothes, you may ask your practitioner if the clothes you are putting on is o.k. for having a Shiatsu session or not.

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