Do you need any qualifications to become a professional Shiatsu therapist?

Yes, we do. To become a professional Shiatsu therapist, we need to be licensed by the Japanese government. But first of all, we must go to a special school of Shiatsu, massages, acupuncture and moxibustion authorized by the Ministry of Public Welfare and need to be educated for 3 years. We learn basic Western medical science such as anatomy, phisiology, psychology and pathology and so on, and theories of Oriental Medicine, and techniques of Shiatsu and other different therapies at school. When we graduate from a special school, we are qualified to take a state exam. After passing the exam, we can apply for a license of a professional Shiatsu therapist. This is the Japanese system. In foreign countries, the qualifications of Shiatsu practitioners must be different from each other. If you want to be a professional Shiatsu therapist, please check by yourself what kind of qualifications you need in your country.

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