Will you tell me the process of the condition to get well in Shiatsu therapy?

Any Changes of symptoms can be seen on the next day after the session at the earliest. However, many patients do not change remarkablly until the 3rd session. After the 3rd session, they recognize themselves that their body conditions have been changed. " I feel my symptoms have been lightened, so to speak" or they may think "I feel more comfortable and relaxed than before." If they keep to receive Shiatsu treatment after the 3rd session, most patients realize that they get well gradually and say "I become not nervous about my diseases at all", and "In many times, I forget my symptoms." In Shiatsu therapy, there are not many cases of which a patient is cured of a disease dramatically at the first session, but it takes time a little. However, once the symptoms are turned to be better, they will never get worse or suffer a relapse again.

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