Can you treat difficult diseases such as a cancer in Shiatsu therapy?

For the time being, patients with a cancer cannot be cured by only Shiatsu therapy, however, the daily life of the patients must become much more comfortable if they take Shiatsu treatment at home on seeking to recover from the disease. Patients set their minds at rest by the human touch and the body conditions become better by pressure of Shiatsu during the treatment, so the patients can be healed both physically and psychologically by Shiatsu. We have a cirtain numbers of clinical experiences to have treated patients with a cancer, and we cannot say Shiatsu can cure patients with cancer to recover from the disease, however, we can say that Shiatsu surely can work for reducing the symptoms and difficulties of the patients. In our experience, even a patient with signs of lifeless soon can keep to live usually until a few days before he/she dies by continuing Shiatsu treatment. Moreover, the patient will not suffer much from painfulness on dying. If you want better results in seeking to recover at home, we recomend you to do both a dietary cure and Shiatsu treatment at the same time. Besides many different kinds of cancers, we can treat most of diseases exept some cases such as patients with over high blood pressure and patients who need urgent surgical operations and so on.

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