There seem to be many different ways of Shiatsu treatment depends on practitioners. How come?

Each Shiatsu practitioner has a different style depends on what kind of career the practitioner has have in Shiatsu. Special schools of Shiatsu teach basical techniques of treatment to pass the state exam, however, which is not enough at all for applying to patients practically. Therefore, a new licensed Shiatsu practitioner works as an intern at a Shiatsu clinic and learn practical techniques in the begining of his/her career in Shiatsu. Then the Shiatsu clinic teaches their style of practical techniques, so the style of the Shiatsu clinic likely to becomes the groundwork of the practitioner's Shiatsu style. If a practitioner choose to work at a Shiatsu clinic where they like to apply many different styles of body adjustments, then the practitioner may like to do body adjustments a lot. If a practitioner work at a Shiatsu clinic where they apply Shiatsu of Oriental medicine, he /she will become a Shiatsu practitioner who applies a Shiatsu treatment of Oriental medicine using the meridian channels and acupoints. So, the career in Shiatsu makes each practitioner to have different style of Shiatsu treatment, and it is natural for you to experience to have different types of treatment from each practitioner.

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