Will you advise me how to find a good Shiatsu therapist?

I recomend you to go and visit some of Shiatsu therapists and to experience a session. Once you have a treatment, it is easy for you to say whether the therapist is good or bad. If you feel "The treatment does not fit me." or "I was uncomfortable." after you receive a session from a Shiatsu therapist, you may decide that the therapist is not good for you. For a successful Shiatsu treatment, both of the patient and the therapist have to be made and harmonized for each other. Even if other people recommend you "a good Shiatsu therapist", the treatment cannot get on well if you don't get along with the therapist. In such a case, the therapist cannot be said a good one for you. Then you had better look for someone else. To judge this, you yourself should try to have a Shiatsu treatment from an expected good therapist. "Seeing is believing". Please find your good Shiatsu therapist by youself with your own experiences.

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