Will you advise me how to select a good Shiatsu clinic?

There are three different kinds of Shiatsu clinics. No. 1 is a clinc which applies Shiatsu treatment on the purpose of "Curing diseases". No.2 is a clinic of which purpose of giviing Shiatsu treatment is "Health care". No. 3 is a clinic of which purpose of Shiatsu treatment is "Relaxation and recreation". When you select your Shiatsu clinic, you had better keep the above in your mind. And you have to know yourself what purpose of you to go to a Shiatsu clinic and select your Shiatsu clinic correctly acording to your purpose. The No. 3 type ("Relaxation and recreation") is likely a salon style shop, so you can guess it easily in appearance. Concerning the other two kinds of clinics, you should make it sure by asking on the phone. Then you talk about your symptoms and main complains on the phone, and you can guess what type of Shiatsu clinic it is by the practitioner's reaction. If the practitioner is a man of good address and gives you pursuasive explanations, the clinic must be a good one. On the other hand, if the practitioner is a man of awkward address and give you a vague answer, then you had better not go such a clinic. Because such a practitioner does not have self-confidence on the skill of his Shiatsu treatment.

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