Can I use my health insurances for Shiatsu treatment?

No. Usually you cannot use your health insurances for Shiatsu treatment. Patients pay the treatment fee at cost. However, there is a special exception. When a doctor of Western medicine agrees with the patient about that he/she needs Shiatsu therapy, health insurances can be applied for the patient's Shiatsu sessions. In this case, the patient needs to get an "agreement " from a doctor of Western medicine. Then, it is not questioned what kinds of doctor he/she is. For example, even if you have a back pain, you can ask for writing the agreement to a doctor of Dermatology or a doctor of Internal Medicine or other any kinds. If the agreement is written by a doctor of Western medicine, it is acceptable. Also, there are some cases which you can use your car insurances when you are suffering from sequelae by a car accident like fractures, sprains, and dislocation. However, the procedure to use health insurances is very complicated and they cover only a small amount of money for a treatment fee, so this is hard to deal with as a business for clinics. Therefore, there are not many clinics which will accept to do Shiatsu treatment with using health insurances, and you had better ask your clinic before you will start to receive the treatment. This is Japanese situation today. Concerning the above, please check it by yourself if you live in another different country.

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