Is there anything patients should know to receive Shiatsu treatment ?

There is not anything special for patients to have a Shiatsu session, but I would like to advise you some noteworthy points before you receive your first treatment. First of all, you have to make it clear what is you purpose of receiving a Shiatsu treatment. Do you want to receive Shiatsu treatment as "a therapy to cure your diseases"? Or do you want to have Shiatsu treatment just for relaxing occasionally? If your purpose is "to make youself comfortable", you had better go to a shop styled Massage and Shiatsu salon which have menu of short-time-treatment. ( Lately many practitioners like to use the name of "Shiatsu" for their different styles of massage even if they are not really Shiatsu at all, so we are not sure if the treatment you will receive at such a massage salon is real Shiatsu or not, anyway, it will not make any big differences if you are a healthy person without any illness.) However, if you are sick and think of Shiatsu therapy as an alternative medicine and look for a skillful Shiatsu therapist, you need to visit a Shiatsu clinic. Then you had better check their attitudes on your making an appointment on the phone. You should not go to such a clinic of which the staff gives vague answers for your questions or behaves haughtily. It is likely to say that they do conscientious work about the treatment skills at a Shiatsu clinic where the staff behaves politely and is well-trained.

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