When can we expect to see the effects by this session of Shiatsu treatment?

You will see and feel the effect of the Shiatsu session tomorrow morning at the soonest. many people likely to express like taht "My symptoms have been lightened and reduced." and "I feel my body is relaxing and become lighter." If you have had those symptoms for more than 10 years, you need to take Shiatsu treatment for more 3 to 5 times at least. Mostly patients who can come to a Shiatsu clinic by themselves have a cirtain physical strength, so if they visit a clinic and take Shiatsu treatment regularly between an interval また10年以上その症状と付き合っている人は3〜5回が一つのメドです。元来指圧に来る人はそれなりに体力がある人が多いので、ペースを守って通院すれば症状は一ヶ月程度で結構好転するものです。