Is it possible for me to loose some weight if I do Shiatsu on special "Tsubo" (Acupoints) which are said to be effective for weight reducing?

Generally speaking, we cannot expect weight reduction by Shiatsu treatment. Many diet books introduce special tsubos (acupoints) to reduce some weights, but it will be a doubtful whether it really works for weight reduction. So, can Shiatsu never be able to work for weight reducing? The answer is "Yes, it works in some ways." There were some cases that patients of obesity whose metabolism does not work well and who use low calories could reduce the weight by Shiatsu treatment. When a person takes too much more calories by eating than spending calories, then the person gains more weight. The basic calories of his metabolism is similar to the number of spins of the engine while a car is idling. Over weighted people's basal metabolism is very low. In short, they are powerless in combustibility of calories. Shiatsu treatment helps to make the spins of the engine increased, and patients can gain calolies of the basal metabolism, which causes weight reduction as a result. However, there are not so many cases. Shiatsu works well for balancing to have a good proportion of body by adjusting distortions of the meridians, but it is difficult to control the body weight only by Shiatsu treatment. If you want to ensure reducing some of your weight, you should take a prescription of good diet and proper excersises.

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