Can you treat patients of mental illness by Zen Shiatsu therapy?

Patients with mental troubles such as neurosis, and patients who have physical symptoms caused by mental stress (such as sleeping difficulties by anxiety and interacting with other people) become well. In these years, there have been many cases of suicides by middle aged people because of restruction and other anxieties about the future. The number of middle aged people who are suffering from symptoms of light neurosis and depression has been increased lately. Those symptoms always come with some bad physical conditions together, so the mental symptoms turn better if the body conditions get well by Shiatsu treatment. Also, neurosis with anxiety who are always worrying about something and patients of the panic syndrome who become panic suddenly have different symptoms from each other, but they are considered as similar troubles in Oriental Medicine, so Zen Shiatsu therapy is really effective for those mental difficulties. However, patients of mental illness are easy to have a return of the diseases, so they should not expect 100 % of recovery from a medical care.

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