The skill and theory of Zen shiatsu had introduced to Europe and America by master Masunaga thirty years ago. And the unique technique was known over Europe and America soon. Now the 80 % of shiatsu practitioners in the world seems to practice Zen shiatsu. As the feature of Zen shiatsu, it is very effective treatment because it practices along the thinking of Oriental medicine. But we can not be satisfied with the present condition of Zen shiatsu. No one can realize a meridian and utilize it enough. And few persons master the formal art of the total body treatment of Zen shiatsu. Many practitioners in Europe and America practice the wrong shiatsu as Zen shiatsu. It is because the instruction method is not built. We Zen shiatsu Association have built it through the long-time activity. There are several points teaching Zen shiatsu. It is to have students realize a meridian and master the skill of the total body treament. This time we tried to make them realize a meridian and succeeded. After that if they master the skill of the total body treatment and learn the basic clinical techneque, they will be the most excellent shiatsu practitioners.

About Zen shiatsu seminar
October 26 the first Zen shiatsu seminar was held at Got Your Back (GYB) in a Philadelphia suburb and fourteen massage practitioners took part in the seminar. They experienced Zen shiatsu for the first time.
October 27 we had the seminar at International school of Shiatsu (ISS), Doylestown in Philadelphia and seventeen students took part in it. The seminar held from 10 am to 4 pm. In the morning we practiced the basic pressing skill, and experienced.

Basic pressing technique
Most of perticipants have not gotten the basic excercise of shiatsu. But they practiced the basic skill very well. Even Japanese beginners can not practice very well It means that they might also master the skill of the total body treatment very well.

Feeling and tracing of a meridian
Most of the shiatsu practitioners don't believe that we can realize a meridian. But actually we can feel a meridian. This time we showed this technique in America. This is the application of the two point pressure. All of the perticipants could feel a meridian soon when we explained how to feel it. And explained how to trace a meridian using the feeling. We made them paired up and trace a meridian. Then most of them could draw it exactly.

The application: shiatsu against pain
The pain reduction utilizing a meridian is famous for a needle. This time instead of a needle we explained the pain reduction by shiatsu and made perticipants practice it. We stick one's wrist with a teethpick a bit and try to reduce the pain by shiatsu immediately. We used heart constrictor meridian as a example. The perticipants practiced this method each other. the most of them succeeded in erasing the pain. Utilizing this technique, we can cure the disease or injury.

The clinical technique of Zen shiatsu
We explained how to cure the trouble of the body utilizing a meridian. Particularly explained how to reduce the stiffness of the shoulder at GYB. Giving the pressure on the arm, we can instantly reduce the stiffness without touching the diseaded part. And explained how to cure a bruise on the thumb at ISS. We don't give shiatsu on the thumb at all and give shiatsu on the detached area from the bruise. And explained how to stretch a meridian and cure the bruise. The participants practiced the clinical skill.

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